Prosperity Coaching for Rapidly Scaling Entrepreneurs

Expansive CEO Program

Create a Customized Prosperity Plan for Your Year

So You Feel Clear and Confident Expanding Your Wealth and Impact

“I believe true prosperity is when you align

your wealth with your heart.”

– Hannah Chapman

You're making more money than ever before...

Yet do you ever think to yourself

"What if I lose all I've built?"

Expansive CEO Method

Keep Your Money, Time and Energy Aligned as You Scale

Expansive CEO Results

1. You feel at peace when you look at your bank account

2. You feel happy when you pay your expenses

3. You go to bed feeling confident your money is secure

4. You feel relaxed because you have abundant reserves
5. You feel deeply grateful for your rockstar team

6. You feel alive giving to your favorite causes

Your Guide

On Your Journey to Greater Prosperity and Impact

Hannah Chapman


Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

Helping rapidly scaling entrepreneurs grow their income and impact

without burning out so they can enjoy the life they worked so hard to build

16 years of certified financial planning experience

○ Surpassed 6 figures in cash collected in 1st year as a business owner

Doubled revenue in the following year

The Investment

Expanding into New Levels of Prosperity for Your Year

“I recently participated in my first workshop and found so much value in the process that Hannah coached us through and the insights from other peers who participated alongside me.

The experience unlocked so much clarity on the areas where I become overwhelmed!

There is a real simplicity to Hannah’s methodology, which has greatly helped me identify and prevent the pitfalls along the way.

If you’re navigating through growth in your business and would benefit from a clear perspective on some of the blocks encountered along the way up, you need Hannah’s Expansive CEO Workshop in your life!”

– Josh Greenbaum

Our community Values


Are we aligning our prosperity with our hearts through our actions?


Are we having the impact on our community that we desire?


Are we treating everyone we meet with respect, honoring the divinity in each of us?


Are we giving generously of our time and resources from a place of abundance within ourselves?


Are we intentionally creating joyful experiences in our work and lives?

Our Charity Partner

5% of top-line revenue goes to “Women Helping Women of Southwest Ohio” ​Our current partner charity is Women Helping Women of Southwest Ohio. WHW of SWO helps survivors find hope, healing, and empowerment through confidential support services.

They inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence, and speak up for equal and healthy relationships. They educate and advocate so that generations after us can grow into change agents to prevent gender-based violence before it ever starts.

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